Our Proven Process = Positive ROI

1. Proposal

After completing a brief questionnaire, we will provide a proposal highlighting:

  • The deliverables for the areas your company has an interest in improving
  • We break down the project into stages with the most critical first. At any stage, the company can decide to not continue, so the overall expenditure is very modest.
  • We may suggest other areas with a better ROI (e.g., web design changes for usability and conversion ).
  • An estimated Return on your Marketing Investment and the conversion rate needed to break even on our services and a timeline. We will not spend any significant amount of your money until breakeven has been achieved.

2. Business Audit

Depending on the engagement, we usually recommend a business audit that covers:

  • All of your existing online and offline processes and resources, especially for tracking, and data collection.
  • Depending on the scope and complexities of the business, the audit usually takes 2-6 weeks.
  • The audit proposes very specific recommendations which either you or Kalex can implement. You are free to hire us just for the audit recommendations.

3.  Planning & Testing

We will then provide a Plan, Return on Investment Forecast & Timeline

  • In conversion optimization, the key is to conduct extensive testing before committing to any large scale effort, especially when using paid advertising or direct mail.
  • Testing if an online business, will require that the company be willing to test different elements on their website and have tracking capabilities (Step 2 of the Audit will identify tracking gaps or errors).

4. Recommendations

Once your processes and platforms are optimized, we provide the hand-off

  • Testing never ends but the website lead generation and promotional efforts can henceforth have a proven positive ROI; we establish protocols for ongoing additional optimization by your staff.
  • Throughout our engagement and especially after any major initiative, we provide a detailed analysis of what is working, what isn’t and future recommendations.