What We Do

These are the services we offer; however if we feel your company won’t benefit from one of these areas we will let you know. Our philosophy is that our business model will not be successful if you do not have a positive ROI.

  • Strategy- As part of our auditing services we can analyze your strategy and help you improve on your current strategy by expanding, if relevant to your category, with the IoT. This includes Voice commerce and marketing and IoT analytics.

  • Website usability testing, redesign and split testing- this area usually has the best payback. We will provide detailed usability tests which are driven by web analytics data. However, before making a wholesale change, we always recommend split testing of the control vs the test version

  • Lead Generation Audit: One of the best ROI services we offer is the lead generation audit. We do a thorough audit of all your lead generation initiatives and benchmark against industry averages (e.g., telephone, direct mail average response, and conversion rates). See example, of sales representative benchmarking. We uncover bottlenecks and areas of underperformance and make very specific suggestions and help you streamline and optimize your pipeline of leads as they go through the funnel.

  • Tagging – A-Z tagging of your website to conversion, includes all events, links, videos, podcasts, and forms. Most websites have either no tagging or are tagged incorrectly.

  • Web Analytics– Once the website is tagged correctly, we will create custom reports and a dashboard which includes conversion funnels and attribution data along with user training.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-this technique seeks to improve a website’s search engine ranking for a given keyword. We conduct a quick analysis and will let the client know if it is even worth attempting. For some keywords, it is almost impossible for a given website to rank well. This is something that can quickly be determined and is included in our proposal, we will not waste a client’s money if we see that this is the case.

  • Account Based Marketing (ABM)- using marketing automation, ABM consists of the mapping of different buyer user roles to the funnel. Then rules-based personalized content is created and sent via email, text messaging, or push notifications to different prospects based on the timing. Actions taken on the website (e.g., downloaded a white paper) or as a result their industry and job title. Marketing automation has a high ROI for B2B companies with a high dollar average order and long selling business cycle.

  • eCommerce- we can help with the migration to another platform or fixing issues with your existing shopping cart. Ecommerce platforms are not a one-size fits all, there is a wide range of options and we will recommend the best option based on factors such as cost, ability to handle high traffic/volume; payment, and integration with other software, SEO “friendliness,” and speed.

What We Don’t Do

These are the services we do NOT offer. While some of these options have a better ROI than others, in general, we do NOT recommend engaging in them until you are executing well on the “low hanging fruit” with a better ROI such as web analytics and usability.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) – PPC is a labor intensive and ongoing activity that should ONLY occur after you have optimized your website for usability and conversion optimization. We can assist as a consultant to identify or participate in a RFP for vendors that specialize in PPC. PPC without web analytics and conversion based bidding is often a waste of money and resources.

  • Content Writing– content writing is also very time consuming and an ongoing long term effort. We will recommend what type of content and ideal benchmarks to help you convert traffic. We can also assist with identifying a vendor that can provide this service. Once your website is correctly tagged we can tell you which of your existing content is helping conversions and which is not.

  • Social Media – This is another time consuming and ongoing activity. As with any of the activities we do not do, we strongly recommend against wasting time with social media until you can can track and see if it helps conversions. Social media is NOT free, unless you have free writers and non-paid help to post and  monitor your social media. With the exception of blogs and videos, we do not recommend any significant effort in social media until you have exhausted SEO, PPC and blog/video content.