I have over 25 years of industry experience and ten years at The University of Texas at Dallas teaching digital courses. As a result of conducting over a dozen digital projects with leading companies such as NEC or Texas Instruments, I saw an unmet need and a recurring problem.  Many companies were conducting lead generation activities and advertising without proper web analytics and website usability studies. Many agencies are spending clients’ money with dubious to non-existent Returns on their Investment. 

     As a result, I decided to offer a different agency model that makes sure the website is optimized first and that correctly installed tracking is present, so as to identify and test every initiative before spending any significant amount of money on it. I wrote “Breaking Failure” by FT Press and “Trackable: Business in an IoT and Biometrics World”  to address the lack of best practices and also the incredible range of trackable options available to businesses. Many of the best practices and techniques used by KalexCo come from these books which are focused on optimizing for conversions. Marketing has become technology and data-driven, as a result, any agency that does not leverage these disciplines will underperform.

     My experience covers a wide range of industries: commodities, chemicals, technology, and healthcare with both B2B and B2C experience.  I have worked on digital and analytics projects for companies such as AutoNation, BancoMex, Bayer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Compaq, Lennox, TransAmerica, NEC, Unicare, Wellpoint, and many more. 

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