Alexander Edsel, Principal of KalexCo, has over 25 years of industry experience and ten years at The University of Texas at Dallas teaching digital courses. Edsel has had a wide range of experience in many industries: commodities, chemicals, technology, and healthcare with both B2B and B2C experience.  Edsel has worked on digital and analytics projects for companies such as AutoNation, BancoMex, Bayer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Compaq, Lennox, TransAmerica, NEC, Unicare, Wellpoint, and many more.

Edsel is also the author of “Breaking Failure” by FT Press and “Trackable: Business in an IoT and Biometrics World.” Many of the best practices and techniques used by KalexCo come from these books which are focused on optimization. Marketing has become technology and data-driven, as a result, any agency that does not leverage these disciplines will underperform.

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